Aurity are a cutting-edge team that redefines the way people work. They form meaningful and personal relationships with their clients. They cooperate with clients' developers or work as an independent, self-sufficient team. They're capable of going far beyond single apps. They strive to solve the most complex problems and empower their clients and teams to develop exceptional products.


DEVELOPER RECRUITMENT Their expertise lie in building flexible teams that can develop and harness cutting-edge technology. Transparency is at the heart of what they do - they make sure that all of their autonomous team members have access to their global resources and have the tools to build something exceptional. They also offer ongoing support through their community and strive to empower each member to align their work with their interests and personal goals.

WEB & MOBILE PP DEVELOPMENT They build superior quality products by developing tailored solutions and optimal architecture. Their code is always well tested, easily maintained and scalable. Even though code is embedded in their DNA, they strive to provide a lot more than development expertise - their goal is to become a trusted partner. This is why they tend to work with clients over several years, launching as many applications as needed.

ARCHITECTURE CONSULTING There is no idea so complex, that the optimal architectural solution cannot be developed. Their team of experienced React Native Architects bring projects a wealth of institutional knowledge about React and React Native, based on their real-world experience building a variety of applications, from MVP to complex enterprise-grade apps.