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Hello! We are Normally - a data product and service design studio in London.

Over the last five years, we have built a team and studio we are incredibly proud of. There are now twelve Normals - hybrid designers who don’t subscribe to any one ‘discipline’. Together, we cover interaction design, research, prototyping, visual design and exploration. We solve complex design problems for some of the world’s largest most interesting clients including The BBC, Facebook, Spotify, VW, Jaguar Land Rover, Nokia and Barclays.

We work in autonomous teams of two. The teams lead project direction and the senior leadership provides support. We also build our own tools and give them away (like We are passionate about design education and teach at CIID, Glasgow School of Art and Imperial College.

The studio is dedicated to better understanding the material properties of data. We approach our learning - wherever possible - through prototyping, experimentation and speculation. The experiments we make are leading us to new levels of understanding about what data means from a social - all the way to an interaction level. We’re concerned with the opportunities and impact of AI, of our relationships with trust and privacy and what it means to be a data centric organisation. We have built a unique and exciting body of knowledge - which we are constantly adding to.

We are now looking for a Design Sensemaker who can work closely with our team and the material of the studio to dive into our prototypes, experiments and conversations and to tell us - and the world - what it means! We need a member of the team who can communicate creative, analytical and strategic thinking to solve problems and explore spaces. We are not set on a specific level but are looking for someone who could thrive as part of our team and culture.

This is a great opportunity to shape your own role, contributing to all aspects of the Normally studio: clients, projects, team and methods/processes.

Our Culture

We work a four day week.

Everyone. Every week. We work standard office hours (9-5) and we pay full market rate salaries. We have found working a four day week makes us happier, healthier, and more productive. Spending less time at work improves the quality of our output. Giving ourselves an extra day means we can take care of our friends, families, interests and ourselves.

Our salaries are calculated by an algorithm.

Everyone’s salaries are determined by the experience they have. And then, on their work anniversaries, all salaries increase by the same amount for everyone, each year. The algorithm is informed by industry data. The benefits of an algorithmically determined salary are that it removes any bias - either gender or management favouritism and it gives employees confidence in their long term financial planning.

We’re on an expedition to explore the material properties of data.

We’re training ourselves to understand what it means to design data products and services. Data, like wood, metal and plastic, is a material from which we can make useful, usable and beautiful products. However, we don’t yet understand the material properties of data in the same way we do other, more traditional materials. Over the last four years, we have cultivated our studio’s experience and understanding of data through our own long-term R&D project. We call the project our ‘Data Expedition’ and its sole purpose is to build collective knowledge and experience for the whole studio.

We’ve been working with no process (whenever we can).

We have developed a way of working that fosters exploration, promotes prototyping and engages the whole studio. The approach follows no process yet delivers incredible results. We’re wary of the codification of process - and are attempting to put our efforts into fostering studio culture as an alternative. Instead of relying on the process to dominate a project - at each stage we ask the question ‘what makes the most sense to do next?’. We refer to this new way of working as an ‘expedition’

If this is an environment you could see yourself in, we’d love to hear from you!

Unfortunately at this time we can not offer visa sponsorship for this role. This may change in the future so please reach out if you are interested in staying in touch.

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