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Synchronicity Earth

Contract Type: Part-time and Temporary:
Hours: 4-days per week for 1-year (maternity cover)

Synchronicity Earth is an enterprising charity with an ambitious vision:

An Earth in which all life is valued, celebrated and flourishing.

We act to address overlooked and underfunded conservation challenges for globally threatened species and ecosystems and we do this through:


We know that conservation works, but there is nowhere near enough of it. We focus on identifying gaps where scaling up action and funding could have most impact for species and ecosystems that are overlooked and underfunded.


We engage creatively and collaboratively with a range of communities across different sectors - finance, fashion, food, philanthropy. We are also an active member of the conservation community, helping to develop key tools and innovative approaches to promote robust science and good practice within the sector.


Philanthropic funding for the environment needs to grow significantly, both in quantity and scope. Our approach is to listen to NGO needs and work with donors to provide more long-term, flexible financial support for conservation where it is most needed.

How does this role fit in with the bigger picture?

Synchronicity Earth funds organisations around the world to address overlooked and underfunded conservation challenges for globally threatened species and ecosystems. We also recognise that for biodiversity to receive the attention and support it needs, more people must be engaged in solutions wherever they are.

The action we support on the ground globally will have greater impact if we can build awareness of both the importance of and threats to biodiversity, and promote a closer cultural relationship with the natural world. We will also be able to cultivate stronger, longer-term relationships with our donors if they feel deeply emotionally and intellectually connected to our work and that of our partners around the world.

Our engagement work extends across the conservation sector as well as the philanthropic and cultural communities and the Engagement Assistant will work with the whole team, including our Founding Trustees, to strengthen the clarity, reach and impact of this work.

Over the past year, we have been working to understand the role we play in this context more clearly and hone our objectives and priorities, as well as more clearly understanding the long term impact of this work. We are now building on existing networks and key collaborations across the artistic, philanthropic and conservation sectors in a strategic way. Our involvement in various high-level initiatives, despite our relatively modest size, is evidence of an organisation that can ‘punch above its weight’ in so many ways.

Aims for our broader engagement:

• To celebrate nature’s diversity, using a wide range of creative means to deliver our strategic objectives;
• To spread awareness of the importance of biodiversity into different sectors and among different constituencies (‘cross-pollinating’), with the intent of growing the commitment to greater action to conserve and protect nature and to philanthropic funding for environmental action.
• Connecting organisations and facilitating and supporting initiatives in the conservation sector to increase impact.
• To (re)connect people to nature, promoting ‘everyday conservation’ to a broader audience, empowering everyone to become a conservationist – particularly through our support of partner organisations who specialise in this work, for example the Conservation Optimism movement;
• To explore and better understand the impact of this work;
• To strengthen existing networks and facilitate increased connection with Synchronicity Earth, especially by developing new ways to engage donors, partners, and friends in the work that Synchronicity Earth is doing in tangible, personal, meaningful, and measurable ways.

What will the Engagement Assistant do?

This role has four main components:

1. Working closely with the Head of Communications and the broader team, to deliver key outputs of the planned Communication & Engagement Strategy for 2019.
2. Working closely with the Head of Communications and Head of Relationships and Operations to facilitate and strengthen engagement through our communications with our donor and supporter base.
3. Working under the direction of the Head of Communications to plan and implement new work and collaborations to help raise Synchronicity Earth’s profile and recognition factor and to increase our supporter base.
4. Assist the team in positioning Synchronicity Earth within the Conservation & Philanthropic spheres through existing relationships and networks, as well as working on new opportunities.

Helping to deliver the planned Communication & Engagement Strategy for 2019

• Working with our creative collaborators, ambassadors, partners, and artists to tell stories and inspire wonder in our natural world in a way that engages and produces a desire to be part of change.
• Continually exploring ways to improve messaging and outreach.
• Leading on the generation of SE social media posts and engagement across a variety of platforms.
• Helping to ensure consistency in SE branding and approach across all digital media output.
• Facilitating the rest of the team to plan and maintain regular social media posts.
• Working with Head of Communications to maintain timely updates to the 2019 Communications and Engagement strategy as our plans develop throughout the year.
• Identifying new potential audiences and partners to help broaden our reach.
• Helping grow our supporter and donor network to support our core conservation work.
• Regular measurement of Synchronicity Earth’s media impacts, networks, resources, stakeholders, and audiences (in collaboration with the wider Communications team).
• Maintenance and creation of event-specific websites when needed.
• Planning, logistics and management of events.
• Further developing networks and building key partnerships to support our donor communications. This may require attending events in the evenings and travelling to conferences or to meet key contacts or partners.

Work underway for 2019

• Synchronicity Earth 10th Anniversary communications and engagement plan
• Social Media and Digital Engagement strategy implementation
• Synchronicity Earth short films planning and engagement strategy implementation
• Conservation Optimism Summit 2019 – keeping Synchronicity Earth updated with the development of the Summit programme and highlighting opportunities for collaboration.

Required skills and experience

Technical Skills and Qualifications

• Qualification or experience in the field of digital communication and online engagement.
• Good knowledge/understanding of the conservation landscape, issues, stakeholders, and key players.
• Strong experience in social media messaging, network development, audience building, stakeholder engagement, performance analysis, and brand management.
• Fluency in 2019 best practice for all major online/social media communications channels.
• Ability to write and edit to a very high standard for a variety of formats.
• Proven ability to produce innovative communication assets on- and off-line, including competence in graphic design, media production, web design, and fluency with major content management systems.
• Experience of event planning and management.
• Good interpersonal skills to facilitate existing and new relationships.

Knowledge and Experience

• Experience of working with key internal and external partners to produce effective project/event plans.
• Proven experience of delivering outputs that meet organisational goals to budget and on time.
• Experience handling multiple simultaneous projects and managing a complex workload.
• Good understanding of research and analysis processes and their value in generating insights.
• Strong networking skills and experience coordinating with outside/remote partners effectively.
• Proven project management skills, including event planning and management.


• Strong interpersonal communication and diplomacy skills.
• Innovative thinking to design new solutions to entrenched problems.
• Flexible, team-oriented focus and adaptability to changing situations.
• Strong problem-solving skills.

Salary: £20,800 to £23,200 (£26,000 to £29,000 full-time equivalent), dependent on relevant skills and experience.
Location: The role is office based at 27-29 Cursitor Street, London. EC4A 1LT
Timing: Applicants should be available to start work by 22nd April 2019 at the latest
Expected interview dates: 2nd – 4th April 2019

To apply for this role please send your CV and a letter outlining why you have the skills and experience necessary for the role via the apply button below.