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Four Day Weeks




Recruiters - 4 Day Working Week - London Office

As a business proud to be recognised by and Working Families - we are taking our flexibility model to the next level. A huge number of talented individuals in the industry often work a full weeks work in 4 days. At KnownFour this is something we are choosing to embrace - Literally.

We are a business of like-minded people who believe there is a space in our market for a fantastic recruitment business that values, above all else, work-life integration and well-being. If you are an experienced recruiter, there are currently three work choices: continue to work in a traditional environment, work for yourself or leave the recruitment industry. We are KnownFour, the fourth.

Our employment model is a unique and positive way of approaching work-life integration. A model that allows you to achieve well-being in your recruitment career because you're not chained to your desk or commuting for hours.

We have adopted every aspect of flexible working. We use the same technologies, systems and management techniques progressive corporations use to achieve flexibility in the workplace. With “With our flexible model, you can work full time and still pick up your children from school – probably in that new car you can now afford.

We have developed a solution that allows you to be connected anywhere. Most conventional recruitment working environments have not or cannot embrace total flexibility; we do you have the choice of working from the office or at home.

You can achieve this balance at KnownFour by not having to commute, finishing an hour early or working when your children are asleep. So, you can enjoy the school-run, stress-free, and have meals together.

Feeling part of the team and the business is important, and an aspect that can often be lost when working remotely. At KnownFour, you will be connected to a community of like-minded peers. We have a hybrid remote and physical office environment linked by some very smart technology enabling the essence or collaborative and team working without necessarily being in the same building as your colleagues.

KnowFour have opportunities for Recruiters AND an ambitious Recruitment Team Leader to to join their new City Office. With plans in place for significant growth across the UK, Europe and beyond over the next 12-18 months the role will be “as big as you can make it” both in terms of career and earnings. You will have a track record in 360 Agency Recruitment/Recruitment Sales.

KnowFour offer:
- A competitive salary
- A brilliant incentive scheme offering up to 50% commission
- Health scheme after a qualifying period
- The latest recruitment technology
- Access to serviced offices globally
- Comprehensive toolkit of resources (CV’s, Jobsites, Contacts)
- A new way of working in Recruitment

- A generous salary
- A brilliant commission scheme
- Health scheme after a qualifying period
- Incentives relevant to you and your circumstances
- The latest recruitment technology
- Access to serviced offices globally
- Comprehensive toolkit of resources (CV's, Jobsites, Contacts)
- Personal development programme tailored to your needs and ambitions
- A clear career plan

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