Ruby/Rails Developer


40 – 50k GBP



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Four Day Weeks



Error Limited

We're looking for an experienced developer to join the team at Error. We primarily develop in Ruby/Rails, although having skills in other languages would be a distinct advantage.


We design and build websites, web applications and the occasional mobile app, as well as running a hosted software product which we use on every project. All our work is centred on the human experience, and that's one of the main reasons our clients love to work with us. You can find out more about how we work at


You'll be building, supporting and maintaining Ruby on Rails websites and applications for a variety of clients, as well as helping to build internal tools, and our hosted WordPress CMS platform, Rooftop CMS. We're specifically looking for someone with a few years' commercial software development under their belts, who can pitch straight into writing production code across all our projects.


You should have familiarity with the following technologies:

- Ruby and Rails
- Javascript / ES6 and webpack
- React and other javascript frameworks
- Managing linux servers from the command line
- Docker
- Git
- Redis
- PHP (for WordPress and other legacy projects)
- Chef, Capistrano and other scripted deployment technologies

The most important thing is a demonstrable aptitude to learn, and a general interest in how stuff works. As a more seasoned developer, we'll look forward to seeing some previous work you've done, and discussing it in detail.


In general, we like to hire people who:

- love to learn new stuff
- have an opinion, preferably supported by evidence (although gut feel is important too)
- can articulate their thoughts clearly, to both colleagues and clients
- care about other people and how they think
- understand the importance of the human in the process of building something technical
- can adapt their skills and interests to the task at hand, thinking laterally about a problem
- are driven to produce excellent work, but also know when to compromise

How you fit into the team is as important to us as the skills you have; if you think you’d be a good cultural fit for us, you’ll find your niche and add value to the business. This will be a hands-on development role, but we might want you to help with client workshops, teaching, training and writing too. Job roles are loosely defined at Error, and we all pitch in when something needs doing.

You'll need to be within an hour or two of UK time, and able to work in the UK - if you're somewhere in Europe that's fine, but we don't think it's feasible to work across continents at the moment.


We'll want to check you're a good cultural fit for us, as well as technically capable:

- initial chat in person or online, where we'll talk through your general skills, experience, and outside interests
- in-person meet-up with a presentation to us about a project you've worked on in the past, some - technical challenges you faced, and how you resolved them
- probationary period to sanity-check you're happy with the job