Employer Terms and Conditions 

Employers can use Four Day Week to submit job listings. These listings include four-day-week jobs, remote jobs and flexible working opportunities, such as a six-hour working day opportunity. Currently, we do not have an employer account page, so maintenance of your listing will be done by Four Day Week staff, at your request. 


Four Day Week is solely a job site at present and does not provide recruitment services unless requested. It is free to post a job on the website as long as it meets the criteria of a ‘flexible job’. Should you want to reach out to our community across social media and be a featured job on Four Day Week there is a charge of £50 per job (for 30 days). In addition, for £50, you can opt for a promoted job, which will be displayed in a banner at the top of the page for 30 days. If you choose to go for both of these options then there is a reduced price of £75. 


The following Terms and Conditions form a legally binding contract between you and Four Day Week. Please accept these terms and conditions to make full use of the site for advertising job listings. These terms and conditions apply whenever you access the Four Day Week website. By submitting a job or authorising a Four Day Week staff member to do so, you will be considered to have accepted these terms and conditions.


  1. Advertising Job Listings. By submitting a job listing to Four Day Week, or authorising a Four Day Week member to do so, the employer commits to the terms and conditions of the listing and the accompanied charges (if a featured job package is chosen). Each job listing can be listed on Four Day Week for the time required by the employer, for free. However, should the employer decide to take advantage of the featured job package, there will be a charge (as referred to above) for the job to be listed. Once the payment has cleared for the featured job package, the job will appear on the featured job page and/or social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) within 24 hours. These will be posted once every five days for 30 days/ appear as a banner for 30 days. The payment is non-refundable for featured job package. 

  2. Utilising the Four Day Week Site. All employers must abide by the following rules when using the site: i) Employer is responsible for all the content and images posted on the site in relation to their job opportunity. ii) If a job role is posted on the site which does not fit with the ‘flexible working’ ethos then Four Day Week has the right to remove this opportunity. iii) You may not use Four Day Week for promotional purposes unless an agreement has been made. We do encourage guest blogs on our site where we expect promotional and marketing content to appear, which we will review before the article goes live. iv) Under no circumstances can an employer make a statement in a job listing or guest blog, or via links to other sites, which may be considered to be offensive, discriminatory, misleading or defamatory or which infringes the data protection or privacy of anyone v) The copyright and all other intellectual property rights in this site belong to Four Day Week. 

  3. Employers Rights. Four Day Week is a job site and a promotional arena for your company to reach out to a community of likeminded jobseekers. Once we have posted the job opportunity we will put a link to your website and also an ‘apply’ link to an email/ page of your choice. Four Day Week does not search for candidates for the role unless this has been requested and agreed prior to the job posting. In the instance, when Four Day Week searches and recruits a specific candidate for you, who in turn is offered the advertised job role, there is a commission charge of 10% of the basic salary. Payment of this is expected within 14 days of the beginning of employment.  

  4. Four Day Week will not be held responsible for the conduct or performance of any candidate who is employed through the Four Day Week website. Four Day Week reserves the right to remove/change listings from the site at any time.